But Don’t Forget The Songs That Made You Cry

“But don’t forget the songs That made you cry And the songs that saved your life Yes, you’re older now And you’re a clever swine But they were the only ones who ever stood by you” The Smiths, Rubber Ring Darren Barefoot just started DearRockers.org, a project that encourages us all to send a few […]

Vocalo And Hype Machine Are My Copilots Today

I have two new favorite things to listen to while working, Vocalo and the just-relaunched Hype Machine. Both are keeping me entertained today. It pays to follow Marshall Kirkpatrick’s Twitter stream. In addition to getting a peek into his daily routine, you get glimpses of what he’s soon to cover on Read/Write Web, and you […]

Sufjan Sellin Out — In The Good Way

This:  Songs for Christmas Sufjan Stevens ..has apparently sold out 4x over at my local rock and roll shoppe. Last I checked, Amazon was out of stock. Insound.com was out of stock. Sufjan's label seems to have plenty and I ordered a copy for my folks. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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