Friday Heh

  • The Mega Man 2 Title Screen In Beads:

  • Expired Domain Girl – A paean to the face that launched a thousand tabs, the girl who has “what you need, when you need it,” – the stock photography model used in the majority of generic domain squat pages.

  • The Battle – The effect of the knowledge economy on the balance between tactics and lore.

  • A Really Really (Really) Good Krang Costume:

  • There’s No 404 For Print – And in print, it’s much harder to decline cookies.

  • If You Miss Geocities, You Can Now Have It – Something like this was completely unfathomable in the era of Geocities’ heyday. Could be fertile ground for some fantastic research, or, you know, a surplus of laser rainbow horizontal rules if nothing else.

  • I Love The Grackles – They are lovely this time of year.

  • Walt Trouser Bonanza – One guy is particularly psyched for this new batch of pants from Epaulet.

Friday Heh

Friday Heh

Reserves are still a little low – this is hopefully just enough to get you through.

Friday Heh

Friday Heh

  • Tablecloth Hour – A Japanese arcade game (or is it a sim?) currently in public testing that challenges you to upset a virtual placesetting by yanking a square of physical cloth.

  • The Rosa Parks Of Blogs – “Absurd Comparisons By Real People Using Famous People.”

  • A Brain Paper For The Mysterious Dr. Khoo – A case of mistaken identities stretched into an extended back-and-forth between Dr. Zachary and an emailer who thinks he’s a *different* Dr. Zachary. (NSFW: Salty, limit-testing language)

  • Worst Business Idea Ever – He really thought he had something there.
    [via Gregg]

  • Sincerity At The Point Of Contact – Love the bowing banktellers on this Japanese ATM “card declined” screen.

  • How To Be Awesome:

    I knew I was missing something. It was the mushroom grips and the Tubes tee.

Friday Heh

  • FreshCloz – One To Watch -Main Pitch: “It’s like having a dry cleaner in your closet!” That the generally objective and balanced Jordan and his SciMark Report blog predicts FreshCloz will “bomb” is noteworthy, and hehworthy.

  • Hem Gems:

    Daily Candy, trend purveyor, throws its endorsement behind another winner. I can’t really get past the notion that folding your jeans and fastening the roll with a little decorative clip has now been called “tailoring.”

  • The Lowercase L – A blog devoted to tracking and exposing improper uses of the lowercase l.
    [via bobulate]

  • TO and Chadfinkel!
    T.O. & Chadfunkel together @OGOchoCinco @terrellowens on Twitpic
    [via Theo]

  • “Oh Sorry, I Thought You Were Someone Else” – This awkward press conference exchange from Raiders camp reminded me of the story one of the Eddie Murphies tells in Coming To America about meeting Martin Luther (the) King.

Friday Heh

Friday Heh