Little help from far away, thanks to Creative Commons and Daruma

A few weeks ago a Flickr user dropped me a piece of Flickr mail asking if she could use one of my photos. Hi there, I’m helping with a fund raising bake sale for victims of the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. I was looking for a daruma image to use for the packaging […]

Follow-ups, Notes, And Updates

In no particular order: The MetaFilter community continues to amaze me. After getting some much appreciated help from Extraface readers but no resolution, I threw the Jazz Cap question out to Though I still haven’t found a photo, I got back several solid recollections, a few of which came in within an hour. Here’s […]

Sinclair Gas From Flickr To My Living Room

February is apparently “free neat stuff from nice people” month, between the Dulce De Leche concoction from Blake and this. Big thanks to Leah for sending me the Sinclair Gas patches depicted below. The design is really pleasing, so simple and beautiful. A little background on the patches, Sinclair, and how they made it to […]

Flickr Stats – New Flickr Feature On The Way

Last night I used Migratr to move all of the photos on my old anearthling account over to extraface — how-to on that to come shortly. But because of that, I was looking closely at my Flickr account this morning and discovered this tasty treat: Which led to this exciting morsel: And finally, this: Whole […]

Thankful For Technologies

This year I declared myself thankful for some of the technologies that help bring my family together. The tools have clearly gotten easier and more familiar to people who don’t live so much of their life online like I do. I found this year that the tools I was showing off all provided some real […]

Flickr Change Of Address Cards

So far, one of the toughest parts of migrating my online identity from Earthling(and EarthLink) to just plain me has been moving my Flickr account from anearthling to extraface. I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about the process, poking around in the Flickr interface and 3rd-party tools, and finally in the Flickr mail […]

Flickr Is Not Comics, But It Is Something

I just finished reading Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud. It instructed, inspired, fired, and delighted me. It's a singular work of clear and penetrating explanation, but you probably already knew that. I'm like the television neophyte discovering Seinfeld for the first time in 2006. Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art Why me and this book didn't […]

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