Updates and weekend plans

I'm not sure how much longer I'll be using Vox — maybe this will remain a convenient place to use as a public scratch pad, or it could be that I'll want my new online home at extraface.com to have all of that. There's a lot I like about Vox, but when the character of the QoTD's didn't really appeal to me anymore and my own neighborhood started to quiet down (with the notable exception of navelgazer, who keeps the fires burning in the trash cans) there was less and less motivation to come around. It never really bothered me that much that I couldn't take my data with me, but now that I'm starting to situate myself over at Extraface.com, maybe I'd like be able to take some piece of my Vox experiences with me over to there. I guess one way to do it woudl be to surface a feed of this there. I certainly don't want to lose track of or touch with my Vox-specific friends, but I figure I can just follow them via RSS either way, and don't necessarily need my own presence here for that.

On the other hand, I like how deliberately informal Vox feels. It's diaryish without being excessively so. There's no expectation here that I need to stick to some kind of deliberate formula or focus.

One thing I can credit Vox with is making Saturday blogging enjoyable. One of my favorite ways to use it has been sitting down like I am today with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning, and publicly laying out what my plans are for the weekend. It helps me clear it out of my head, and my track record has been pretty good at doing most of what I say I will, or at least thinking it through. It's a more involved process than just going through a task review on a GTD list, and involves some degree of public commitment, consideration of presentation, and vanity. I end up thinking more about the aesthetics of how I'm saying what I'm saying as I write it up, more so than if I'm just reviewing tasks and picking what I can get to today. It's more constructed, in a good way. It helps me see what conflicts with what, too. That's a habit I hope to keep up whether I keep a presence here or not.

For an update from the other side of the house, there's this.

And here's my list of events, tasks, and things I hope to get to this weekend:

  • Today there's the East Atlanta Strut, which involves a parade, a 5k, local businesses, food vendors, drink specials, and lots of friends and neighbors. Heh, I mistyped "neighbro". Maybe I'll start to socialize that as slang.
  • More work to be done on the aforementioned extraface — I've done a couple of sets of revisions on the site part, and then took a little time off. It's time to do another major push, including using some of the feedback that you good people gave me, and styling a WordPress blog for it.
  • I'm developing a prototype to hopefully present at BarCampAtlanta. Need to spend some significant time with that this weekend.
  • My BlogOrlando presentation/discussion focus plan needs some attention too.
  • Raiders are playing the Broncos Sunday at 4pm.
  • LSU, my adopted college football team, takes on Middle Tennessee tonight. I may have to skip the rest of college football today in order to get anything done. But I'll catch some College Gameday this morning maybe.
  • There's a party tonight at friends' house. Hope to get to some of that.
  • Emails aplenty to get to. Now that I'm maintaining inbox zero I don't like to do much emailing on weekends — rather let everything rest for a while unless it's super-urgent. But this weekend there are lots of balls I need to keep in the air.
  • Sunday dog park of course.
  • Straighten, tidy, and clean, all of which mean the same thing.

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QotD: Weekend Wrap-up

What was the highlight of this past weekend?

A tie.

In this corner, the Battle of Atlanta/Taste of East Atlanta festivities, where I got to learn about the central role my neighborhood played in civil war history, the advantages of British Enfield Rifles over Austrian pos'es, the various bone saws and techniques employed in battlefield amputations, and how General MacPherson met his untimely end at the end of my block. I also volunteered at the Taste of East Atlanta, which makes my second "taste of a city" event in as many months. I've found that cities generally taste pretty good.

And in this corner, putting together the second adirondack chair for my backyard. And reaping the rewards by setting a spell.

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