Notes From Inside Super Deluxe

I’ve been having a great time working with the folks at Super Deluxe for the past few weeks. I’ve collected some snippets from my travels here and there on Flickr: Default user profile page Ben and his love of Welch’s fruit snacks Um…(photo uploaded by Senatorturer) Much of my time has been spent noodling around […]

Suggestions For Mashable’s Top Ten Blog Conference List

Alexdc’s twitter stream pointed me to a list put together of their top 10 blogger-related conferences. I think they missed the mark on one glaring omission (SXSW Interactive, the highlight of my conference year), and gave too much weight to conferences that haven’t proven themselves yet, most notably PostieCon and to a lesser extent […]

Dissecting Scoble’s Recent Outlook On Blogging

Robert Scoble wrote yesterday about how he seems to be yawny about blogs lately. I couldn’t let this slip by without taking a closer look at his observations. Here’s the line-by-line: He says: “Blogs have lost their humanity. Their weirdness. Instead we’ve become vehicles to announce new products and initatives on.” For one thing, I […]

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