43 Showers Backlog: Pasadena

I started to set up a photoblog-ish thing over at www.43showers.com as the future home of all of them, but that stalled  mid-birth so I'm cross-posting this one here from there. I have to apologize for not capturing the shower handle at the Austin Sheraton. It's a testament to how frenzied SXSW was that it's […]

43 Showers: Hotel Le Cirque, New Orleans, LA

43 Showers: Le Cirque at Lee Circle Just adequate. From the photo it looks clearly marked, but in the stall when the temp is selected, it can be hard to tell which way to turn it. I scalded myself once when in mid-shower I forgot what was where. But the room's reasonable price, the view of […]

43 Showers: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, TN

43 Showers: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, TN Classic design, easy to operate and clearly marked. I usually don't make editorial comments about the overall hotel stay (this is about the shower controls, and the shower controls only) but I have to add that this was an excellent hotel experience. Highly recommended, especially if you are […]

43 Showers: Jamestown, RI

43 Showers: Jamestown, RI This is in the guest bathroom of my parents' place in Jamestown. They just renovated so all of the fixtures are new. It's hard to make out in the photo, but there are little red dots on the right and little blue dots on the left. It lost some points on […]

43 Showers: Baton Rouge Motel 6

43Showers – Motel 6 Baton Rouge Can't complain about these controls. A highly effective plastic sticker labelling system made them easy to operate. The shower wasn't terrible. Water pressure was below-average. Baton Rouge water has a greasy, filmy thing going, which I speculated is a handy and thoughtful city additive to replace the need for […]

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