Links Harvested On May 29th, 2015

Wireless Fidelity: Wesley Goatley built a system that expresses corporate Wifi signals and their respective strength and distribution as bands of sound. If you happen to be in the UK you can see the device at the Brighton Digital Festival in September. Blades Of Steel On Ice, On Ice: The Tampa Bay Lightning are 3-D […]

The Quirks of Apple CarPlay and the Pioneer AVH-NEX4000 Head Unit

I’ve recently gone from working mostly out of my house to working daily at an office anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour away depending on traffic. Shortly after that transition, I decided to upgrade my in-car experience. I’m a huge Sirius/XM fan, and a Waze user, a needer of bluetooth, and an Apple user, […]

Linkblog 5-10-15

Back in the day, many of us would share slightly annotated lists of useful or thoughtful links we’d found. Then came along and made a community out of that. Then got swallowed up and disappeared. There were others for a while. is fantastic, but deliberately not social like Delicious was. I’ve always […]

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