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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Friday Heh

The Recession Won’t Be Over Til…– Release dates of Pokemon video games vs. S&P 500 Index over time. Added heh that this entire site was created out of a “what kind of site should I build?” thread on Reddit. Donruss Chic: If you’re of a certain age this shirt probably bears a lot of meaning […]

A Few Birthday Hehs

First Off, A Heh From Max And Molly: My Potatoes Bring… Keep The Crossover – Not since Pras, Fat Dr. Dre and Ed Lover were shilling 1-800-YES-CREDIT has there been such a powerful marriage of fringe hip-hop and straight up direct marketing. [ where can i buy real viagra | aceon 2mg pills $159.00 | […]

If You Thought Catfish Hunter Was A Good Age To Be

Yeah, it should be another fantastic year. I’m Rickey Henderson years old. [ viagra 100mg with duloxetine 30mg pills $158.00 | zantac 150mg pills $115.00 | how much is viagra from canada | minoxidil 2% solution 60ml bottle $33.00 | clomipramine 50mg pills 360 pills $387.00 | zithromax 1000mg pills $199.00 | cost of viagra […]

Friday Heh

What Touchscreen Hardware Comes After The iPad? – An easy joke, but delivered with a solid visual. [via theolane] Sound Flyer Defense: Support Organ Donation – With this excellent tee. A History Of Obama Feigning Interest In Mundane Things – Undoubtedly the toughest part of the job, and fodder for great captions. Bob Dylan Recites […]

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