Friday Heh

Heavy on the visuals and video today.

Friday Heh

  • YouTube Comment Or E. E. Cummings? – With an answer key so you can put your knowledge to the test. [via @dylan20]

  • Art On Money For Money – Brilliant. “My latest art project is pulling in the money quite literally. I’m currently doing a series of pieces on dollar bills. Not only is this a fun art project to work on but so far I’ve sold almost half of the pieces I’ve created making this a brilliant hundred dollar idea, I’ve sold 5 of the 11 pieces I’ve created thus elevating my professional credentials as an artist. It’s rather exciting.”

  • A For Hehfulness On A Parent/Teacher Conference Form – “Topics I would like to discuss” include “How to emulsify a sauce without starches or egg.”

  • Being A Dave Has Secret Benefits:

  • 1999 Called – A heh for anyone who lived and worked on the World Wide Web during its first ascent:

  • Animal Tattoos For Talking Hands – I love this because it’s like a simplified and purchasable version these hand paintings from several hehs ago. Could I get away with just an Animal Tattoo as a Halloween costume?

  • Bell Biv Dafoe – Now you know.

  • Two hehful tumblelogs I’ve started to read – Rappers That Suck and Lamebook.

Friday Heh

  • The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Comes Alive – Loyal heh readers will recognize this as a hehful concept from ThinkGeek that appeared here in the April 9 edition. Now, thanks to a licensing deal with LucasFilm, it’s becoming a real product. [Pre-order from ThinkGeek.]

  • As A Goat Herder – The discussion page of the Wikipedia article on “Tickle Torture” is not to be missed. From “As a goat herder, I don’t see how the alleged Roman version of the torture would end up being painful,” to the back-and-forth on whether the woman depicted in the example photo can or can not move her legs laterally based on how she’s tied down. Good stuff.

  • Hotel Funny Time – That’s the only heh here, really. Good name of a hotel in Bucharest. [via Leah]

  • Dear Layout Designers – “Please look closely where you place items in a layout. The title of this magazine now only refers to one part of the baby deal.”

  • Every Day Is A Good Day – For Ice Cube.

  • The Breast Pillow – They really want to make sure you get what this is about, “Soft, supportive, shaped like a pair of breasts; Cover is removable and machine-washable, shaped like a pair of breasts.” [via grabmol]

  • The Fresh Prince Of Hot Air – The story of Falcon Heene told through the Fresh Prince theme song:

    [via Laura Ross]

Friday Heh

  • Swimming Is The Best@gavinpurcell and family auto-tune a masterpiece via the I Am T-Pain iPhone App.

  • Cutest Garbage:
    [ via one of my new favorites, Badder Homes and Gardens]

  • Sniff RFID Reader Dog – “Sniff comes in a cute Snoopy-like design, but he is actually an RFID reader. This digital pup can vibrate and make noises in response, making it endearing to whoever lays eyes on it the first time around.”

  • Merlin’s Open Letter To Adobe Developers – I wanted to highlight this passage in particular: “One (sometimes one of the extremely few) of the benefits of the annoyingly rabid Mac community is that we do talk to each other a lot, and we do absolutely have equivalents of pro wrestling’s faces and heels. Right now, Adobe is not regarded as a hero. No. Right now you’re the heavy guy from some country we don’t like who’s always with the folding chairs.”

  • Mr. Ray Lamontaigne:
    Hate the music, love the shirt.
    [via cpenney]

  • Pomplamoose, Single Ladies (Beyonce Cover) – If you haven’t seen this already, it should make your Friday: