Friday Heh

I couldn’t let July go without any type of heh whatsoever:

  • Bugs Bunny’s Make-up Artist and Japanese Scientists Create An Emoting Robot:

  • The Zillion Click Banner – Just brilliant, this. Go ahead and click a bunch. You’ll like it.

  • Goldfinger’s Birthday – An exceptional piece of heh art from Mr. Will Laren.

  • Threadcakes – “Threadcakes is a fun, online cake-baking contest run by Chris Cardinal and, where bakers like you (and non-bakers like me) turn their favorite Threadless designs into amazing cakes! ” [via Fox]

  • The Awful Library Books Blog – Extra hehful because real live librarians run this site – “Your “awful” librarians for this site are Mary and Holly. We are public librarians in a medium sized public library in Michigan and the opinions expressed are totally our own.” [via splodinvark]