No Mickey, No Cry

Thanks to Josh, Leah, Annie, and BlogOrlando, for the heh from afar: Photo uploaded by Hyku and captioned “Mickey says ‘No hashtags!’” Earlier today, Jeremiah Owyang teased a link to this Justin Williams article with the line “Will hashtags go extinct?” One can only hope. No idea what any of this is about? If you […]

The Little DJ Returns

Produced in a time before MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Gmail, back when JibJab’s first political piece shared space on their site with stuff like Fart Waffle, last night I introduced Tiny DJ to the modern content era: The conversion from Flash 4/5 swfs to AVI’s was a little buggy but not bad. Thanks to the […]

Friday…Err…Sunday Heh

Everybody’s Pin Number – Revealed! – “Someone actually wrote in requesting an explanation as to how this thing works. Sorry, we do not reveal our trade secrets.” [via Brian P.] Unplug Your Friends – Fantastic stop-motion animation and email campaign by to get asses out of seats again. Lego Sends Blogger A Box Of […]

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