Flip Ultra Gift Giving Guide, Mac Edition

Based on all of the rave reviews, I gave my mom a Flip Ultra video camera for her birthday last week. She’s generally been very happy with it, but as it turns out it wasn’t as one-click, no fuss easy as many of the reviews indicate. Not quite so easy in this case… Any time […]

TAG WebChallenge: High School Students Build Facebook Apps

Last Friday I was invited to attend and photograph the WebChallenge ’08 awards. The Technology Association of Georgia, SAP, Appcelerator, and entrepreneur Wayt King hosted the competition wherein small teams of high school students are tasked with putting together the best Facebook application. Josh Mangel and Avi Zolty of The Weber School and Alan Barber […]

The Friday Heh

Five Cereals That Rip Apart Your Mouth – Honeycomb is a glaring oversight here. Sightseeing In Liberty City – New York photos placed side-by-side with the hyper-realistic depictions of the same scene in Grand Theft Auto 4. Ready-made Sound Effects – Instant Rimshot and Sad Trombone are unitasking websites dedicated to fulfilling your anecdote punctuation […]

Two Good Recipes for Custom Topic Tracking

Many companies I’ve worked with have wanted my help in developing something beyond Google Alerts to help them track news around particular topics. One of my hallway conversations with Marshall Kirkpatrick at SXSW this year confirmed that custom RSS tracking development work is one of the things he’s called upon to do quite often as […]

The Occasional Friday Heh List

8th Grader Shows More Class Than City Councilwoman Conyers – Credit Ms. Conyers with the willingness to debate a group of short-pants-wearin students on the impact of her tirades against the City Council President, but pity her inability to own up to her bad behavior and make good. [via Craxy] Barbarian Group Nigerian Scammer-baiting – […]

Props For The HAPO Study And Dr. Don Coustan

My dad had a nice mention in the Wall Street Journal yesterday about a 10 year Gestational Diabetes study he’s been working on that just published some of its results. It’s great to see the fruits of the HAPO study reach the popular press. I’ll leave it to WaPo author Serena Gordon to provide the […]

A Hero To Small Plants Everywhere

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Pete Hottelet of Brawndo fame while at ROFLCon. He was giving away cans of the electrolyte-packed, thirst mutilating soft drink made famous by the Mike Judge movie Idiocracy. Here’s a clip of a small contribution I made to the Brawndo table. I know a plant […]

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