ROFLCon. Wow.

Hehs/Mehs From The Crowd
Heh/Meh signs by Extraface

When asked about what started his first “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” sticker campaign, Shepard Fairey tells the story that it was for an assignment that asked him to “affect the quality of the day.” I think that’s what motivates the parts of my work I’m most proud of. For ROFLCon(which was a completely amazing event that I will write more on once I’ve gotten some sleep), I got signs made that said “Heh” on one side and “Meh” on the other, in the hopes that they’d add to the character of the conference and give people something fun to do. The organizers handed them out at the 6pm “live comment thread” and they were put to extremely good use.

Meh on Anonymous' Threadjack
Mehs on Anonymous’ live threadjack

Cheez Meh
Cheez from I Can Has Cheezburger shows his meh face

Tron Guy Jay Maynard Is Heh
Tron Guy is of course heh

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ROFLCon Are Go

ROFLCon starts in just a few short hours.

Last night, Scott Beale of Laughing Squid kicked it off by hosting a truly memorable Drinkup pre-party at Asgard in Cambridge.

Laughing Squid's Pre-ROFLCon Drinkup

It was great to be among so many people who appreciate a good piece of internet culture and love what they do. Everywhere you turned there was another person whose work you’ve admired from afar, and everyone was extremely approachable and friendly. Although there was some welcome overlap, it felt like an entirely different crowd from the set of people I’m used to seeing at internet conferences and unconferences. It’s really exciting to be a part of an event that’s all about content and the people who make it.

After the drinkup I ended up grabbing dinner at Central Kitchen with bestest friend and frequent heh contributor Doug from Barbarian Group, and Ben, Eric, and Kari who comprise I Can Has Cheezburger. I can’t say enough good things about the ICHC crew. They were a blast to hang out with and after a very short time with them it felt like we all came from the same strange far-off planet. It bodes well for the conference that we were all too happy to spend most of the meal discussing past, present, and future funny things on the internet. Hopefully we don’t burn out on it in the next couple of days.

You can follow the conference through the official blog where I will be contributing if I have time, the Flickr pool, and on Twitter at @roflcon.

I prepared a special Extraface surprise for the ROFLCon goodie bags and can’t wait to share it with you once I see it in the flesh and can get some pictures of it. I’ll also be posting a way you can make your own and play along from wherever you are. I hope to publish some heh today, but if I don’t get the chance rest assured I’m engaged in celebrating heh all weekend.

Artifacts From Yahoo! Past

I’m in Rhode Island all this week, enjoying a change of scenery as I work remotely from here and then attend ROFLCon in Cambridge, MA at the end of the week. One of my favorite things to do here is hit up Savers, a thrift superstore with locations throughout the country(except in Atlanta). I always find something interesting at the Warwick, RI location. Yesterday, as if in anticipation of Roflcon, I found this ancient gem:
Yahoo! Web Speak

The copyright date is 2002, but I imagine the plan for this board game about IM-speak was in development well before then and was released a bit behind schedule.

In honor of ROFLCon, all this week Extraface will feature game cards from the set. Feel free to play along at home; I’ll keep the spoilers behind links.

Click to reveal the answers.

And just to show someone actually gave this game a whirl:

Love U Like A Brother

Keeping Tabs On East Atlanta And LA

One way I look to use blogs is to get glimpses of places I’m not, and to keep tabs on where I am.

My friend Ken recently started Live For Buzz which represents a really interesting idea for how to tie blogs and message boards together. EAVBuzz is a message board many East Atlanta residents use to share news and information, gossip, kvetch, have off-topic discussions, share public safety reports, organize get-togethers, and solve problems. Live For Buzz is a blog front-end for the message board, that pulls out discussions that might be of interest to the larger community or to people who don’t live in the immediate area. The Buzz is such an active forum that it’s become difficult to keep up with the volume of new posts that go up, and Live For Buzz addresses that problem by creating a more distilled information source for people who only have time to watch the most significant discussions. Ken distills the discussions into a several paragraph blog entry, and then also always offers links straight into the board, for anyone who might decide they’re interested enough to roll up their sleeves and enter the fray. I think more message boards should think this way, and use a blog as a more accessible point of entry for outsiders. There’s a lot of information on message boards that doesn’t bubble up to the surface because it takes so much effort to wade through it all, especially if you’re not a member.

On the other side of the country, for the past several months I’ve been reading Tony Pierce’s Busblog, thanks to a pointer from my friends Gregg and Josh Lucas at LA Times Interactive. Tony’s personal vignettes about his life and what he sees around LA are great reads, and he also writes about the rapidly evolving blogging program he runs at LA Times. Because he also has access to the LA Times writing and editorial staff, he does some great work digging deeper on stories that come through the paper and offering his own unique perspective about what’s happening there.

His writing style is inspiring, and i find that when my own head is filled with cobwebs, reading the Busblog helps me knock them loose sometimes. I especially like how his titles often grab me and pull me in to his subject matter without having to scan any of the entry. And they almost always deliver what they promise. He also polls his readers often, highlights friends, acquaintences, and strangers doing good work online, and manages to balance what’s important to him about writing and what’s important to his audience in reading him.

Those blogs again: Live For Buzz and Busblog.

The Friday Heh

  • Uwe Boll Will Not Stand Down, Sir – Movie/Game/Entertainment fans who think Uwe Boll sucks have a petition online that says if the get enough signatures, Uwe should agree never to make another movie. 178,000+ signatures later, embedded below is Uwe’s YouTubed reply. He wants everyone to know that in his humble opinion he’s far superior to Michael Bay and horror director “Ellie Ross”[sic]. [via Crvs]

    N.B.: Uwe drops F-bombs

  • Pisa’s Prison Restaurant – “Under the watchful eye of armed prison warders, a 20-strong team of chefs, kitchen hands and waiters prepares 120 covers for diners who have all undergone strict security checks. Tables are booked up weeks in advance.” [via Jeff]
  • A Flickr Primal Scream – Jzawodn described this in as “a video of what flickr will do if sold to microsoft”:

    There’s also a contest afoot.
  • Blank Sheet Of Paper! – “ is a free online utility to allow you to print a blank sheet of paper from your printer in case you need a clean white, blank sheet of paper to write on. No download required.”
  • YouTube CSS Comments – Darrell stumbles on some funny editorial comment artifacts in the new UI changes to As of right now, it’s still there.

Previous batches of Friday heh.

We Have Jazz Cap

Thank you Extraface reader Gegen_you. You have ended the search for an obscure 80’s Wendy’s artifact called a “Jazz Cap” that began in February with a request from Melanie and led to various sources including Wikipedia, Metafilter, the Wendy’s customer information line, one of my favorite bands in Australia, and the open internet. Thanks to you, we finally have the visual evidence we sought. Let us now exchange emails and I’ll scare up a suitable reward for your efforts. I salute you, Gegen_you, and I salute all those Extraface and Metafilter users who pitched in on the hunt.

Extraface Wins SXSWCards Business Card Competition!

I’m very pleased to have taken home first prize in Joshua Strebel’s SXSW Business Cards Competition. My handmade, DIY card got more votes than those of some of the most talented and best-known designers and creatives. Heh, nothing has changed; these people will continue to be the ones you should look to when you are looking for fantastic design. I’m thrilled to now be able to call myself an “award-winning designer who is not a designer”, and I don’t see myself giving Jason Santa Maria a run for his money any time soon. In fact, as I write this I’m now one of the happy users who is a beneficiary of his great recent work on the WordPress 2.5 redesign, and I hope to have the good fortune to work on a project with him some day.

Here’s a photo of my “printing” process, taken by Jonathan Nery:

And here’s the winning card:

Impromptu Business Card

I explained the whole story of why and how I made my 2008 SXSW cards previously on Extraface.

Special thanks to Joshua Strebel for building and hosting the competition, and everyone who voted and tweeted their support for my now award-winning design :) I guess it’s time to fire up the bone folder and make some more of these for ROFLCon.

Maintenance: Upgrading To WordPress 2.5, Things May Break

I’m about to flip the switch to a new version of my blog software. Hopefully it’ll go smoothly but I won’t know until I try it and give everything a once-over. Thank you for your patience in the meantime. I’ll delete this entry once I give Extraface a clean bill of health.

Bananas Foster At Brennan's
Bananas Foster tableside preparation at Brennan’s, photo by Article133

Update: Everything looks ok so far. Let me know if you see anything that’s not working right. And on second thought, I’ll just keep this entry up.