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Monthly Archives: April 2008

ROFLCon. Wow.

Heh/Meh signs by Extraface When asked about what started his first “Andre The Giant Has A Posse” sticker campaign, Shepard Fairey tells the story that it was for an assignment that asked him to “affect the quality of the day.” I think that’s what motivates the parts of my work I’m most proud of. For […]

ROFLCon Are Go

ROFLCon starts in just a few short hours. Last night, Scott Beale of Laughing Squid kicked it off by hosting a truly memorable Drinkup pre-party at Asgard in Cambridge. It was great to be among so many people who appreciate a good piece of internet culture and love what they do. Everywhere you turned there […]

Your Daily Dose Of Yahoo! Web Speak, Circa 2002

Building on these previous entries, here’s another challenge from Yahoo’s 2002 board game, sure to make you LOL: Yahoo’s answers here. [ priligy dapoxetine 90mg pills $451.00 | accupril 10mg pills $253.00 | voltaren 50mg pills $81.00 | lexapro 10mg pills $190.00 | lipitor 80mg pills $148.00 | alesse 1.5mg pills $309.00 | cialis 40mg […]

Yahoo Web Speak Challenge For Tuesday

“TOS” — the kids love to throw that one around Click to reveal the answers. [Featuring a new Yahoo Web Speak game card each day this week in honor of Roflcon. Slightly more background here.] [ flagyl 400mg pills $65.00 | cialis 40mg pills 270 $510.00 | alternate to viagra | next day viagra | […]

Artifacts From Yahoo! Past

I’m in Rhode Island all this week, enjoying a change of scenery as I work remotely from here and then attend ROFLCon in Cambridge, MA at the end of the week. One of my favorite things to do here is hit up Savers, a thrift superstore with locations throughout the country(except in Atlanta). I always […]

Keeping Tabs On East Atlanta And LA

One way I look to use blogs is to get glimpses of places I’m not, and to keep tabs on where I am. My friend Ken recently started Live For Buzz which represents a really interesting idea for how to tie blogs and message boards together. EAVBuzz is a message board many East Atlanta residents […]

The Friday Heh

Uwe Boll Will Not Stand Down, Sir – Movie/Game/Entertainment fans who think Uwe Boll sucks have a petition online that says if the get enough signatures, Uwe should agree never to make another movie. 178,000+ signatures later, embedded below is Uwe’s YouTubed reply. He wants everyone to know that in his humble opinion he’s far […]

We Have Jazz Cap

Thank you Extraface reader Gegen_you. You have ended the search for an obscure 80’s Wendy’s artifact called a “Jazz Cap” that began in February with a request from Melanie and led to various sources including Wikipedia, Metafilter, the Wendy’s customer information line, one of my favorite bands in Australia, and the open internet. Thanks to […]

Extraface Wins SXSWCards Business Card Competition!

I’m very pleased to have taken home first prize in Joshua Strebel’s SXSW Business Cards Competition. My handmade, DIY card got more votes than those of some of the most talented and best-known designers and creatives. Heh, nothing has changed; these people will continue to be the ones you should look to when you are […]

Maintenance: Upgrading To WordPress 2.5, Things May Break

I’m about to flip the switch to a new version of my blog software. Hopefully it’ll go smoothly but I won’t know until I try it and give everything a once-over. Thank you for your patience in the meantime. I’ll delete this entry once I give Extraface a clean bill of health. Bananas Foster tableside […]

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