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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Leap Year Day Heh

The Internet is not done with the Rickroll yet. Once it gets its teeth into something, it just keeps tearing and gnawing. The Doom Rickroller Weapon: [via dorkus] An infographic explanation: Made by timbearcub and uploaded by boyshapedbox More of those in the Song Chart Pool Chicken Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken – This is every […]

For Your March Bulletin Board Displays

All taken from my copy of Bulletin Boards For All Occasions, by Margaret B. Randall, 1966. [ mexican viagra | herbolax 100 tablet bottle $281.00 | enalapril 20mg pills $207.00 | herbal viagra fda | cialis kanada | duloxetine 20mg pills $133.00 | provera 5mg pills $129.00 | cardizem 120mg pills $83.00 | glucotrol 5mg […]

Twitter Session Bug?

Update: As of 11:40 EST on 2/27, Twitter reports that the bug has been fixed. It looks like it’s back to normal, though I do think I see at least one person in my following list who wasn’t there before the bug. Maybe that will be a fortuitous meeting :) More details now up on […]

I Just Redefined Heh

The Proof. [via gregg] [ viagra online sales | plavix 75mg pills $144.00 | vantin 200mg pills $238.00 | can i get viagra in mexico | buy cheap viagra in uk | diflucan 100mg pills $127.00 | abilify 15mg pills $224.00 | synthroid 100mcg pills $108.00 | exelon 6mg pills $161.00 | abilify 10mg pills […]

The LaunchPad WordPress Theme As A Hipster Domain Holding Page

I haven’t made much progress in deciding on what to use as a hipster domain holding page system since I last wrote on the subject. In short, that’s some kind of page to use as a placeholder on all of those oh-so-clever URLs you’re stockpiling. Although I’ve had few deep thoughts in the interim, I […]

Why I Unfollow People Who Use Hashtags On Twitter

Update(finally:) Comments closed below. Followed up here. Explained in less than 140 characters: What’s #irritating about #this sentence? It kind of looks like a representation of someone with food in their mouth while they talk. I’ve been asked about a half-dozen times in the last couple of days what’s behind my curmudgeonly policy of removing […]

Anyone Lose An Albino Ferret?

Earlier today while I was on the phone I heard my dog Toofis making more of a ruckus than usual in the backyard. I peered out the window and saw something like this: When I put the phone down, got Toofis inside, and took a closer look, it turned out it was this: Aww. My […]

Comment Formatting Tweaks

As my first real WordPress Theme I have a feeling Extraface(currently at version 0.3) is going to be a work in progress for some time. I’ve been trying out some different things in the comments section over the last week or so, and tonight I uploaded some changes the templates and stylesheet. I’m not done […]

Some Friday Heh

The Curative Power Of The Rickroll: Suggested dessert course: I Rick Roll My Senior English Class – I love the awkwardness as the shooter is the only one in the entire room laughing, but he lets the Rick clip go on and on. Even his “Rick Roll. I Had To Do It.” finishing slide gets […]

In Search Of: A Wendy’s Jazz Cap

Friend of Extraface Melanie has asked me to put the call out to all of you to see if anyone has information on a forgotten artifact from the fast food past. It was apparently called a “Jazz Cap,” and it was either sold or given away at Wendy’s restaurants. I have no recollection of it, […]

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