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Social Media Round-Up

  • My Macbook Pro Now Kind Of A Big Deal In SavannahBlogSavannah 08 got a nice write-up in the Savannah Morning News, including a big fancy photo of my laptop with my Product Blog slides loaded up on it.
  • What Happens When You Publish A Blog Entry – Wired writer Frank Rose and Matthew Hurst from Microsoft put together a detailed visual explanation of all of the things that happen after you hit “publish” in your blog software.
    [via Weblog Tools Collection]
  • Have Facebook Apps Peaked? – Josh Catone at ReadWriteWeb seems to think so, in light of recent statistics.
  • The Concept/Implementation Gap – If I’m reading him right, Mike Manuel at Voce points to the growing need for fairly sophisticated web application implementation capabilities to somehow live in the same parts of companies where the thinking happens.
  • The Question Of Community – Jeremy Pepper shares his thoughts on the insular world of Social Media analysis, and what we usually do and don’t think about when we think about online community. “Social media is about more than just one community, the social media community: it’s about all the verticals and other communities that likely matter more to your client or business.”
  • Trev Alberts Response Video – Sports analyst Trev Alberts produced a special video piece called “What The Blog” as an answer to criticisms of his recent video clips by one of the most beloved college football blogs, Every Day Should Be Saturday. Kudos to Trev for participating in the conversation, but I hope his approach evolves as he gets to understand “the blogs” a little better. Here’s his opening: “Of course you’ve seen this explosions of blogs out there where they can hide behind their little PC and post blogs and post clips and make fun of people and..yeah I was surfing the internet…”

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  1. Yes and yes, I’m confusing.

     Mike Manuel 
    January 30, 2008 at 4:41 pm (#)
  2. Veiled in mystery, that’s all.

     Dave Coustan 
    January 30, 2008 at 5:04 pm (#)

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