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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Morrissey At Chastain, 7/20/2007

I'd been told a zillion times that Chastain is an awful, awful venue. It's mostly corporate season-ticketed tables set up for dates and the country club set, and most of the patrons don't seem to know who it is who's performing that night. But it's Morrissey, and I'll go wherever he's playing. Last time he […]

Lunch and Brunch to the Glenwood

This is good news if you live near East Atlanta. The Glenwood has quickly become a local favorite for both drinking and eating, and we're glad to have more options for lunch and brunch in the village. I'm just sayin. Glenwood announces lunch and brunch Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ […]

how I pack an overnight bag

I'm noticing it's something of a ritual. There's an order that feels right to it. First go underwear and white t-shirts. I seem to take one more pair than I think I need — wonder if at some point that was ingrained in me. And I always pack one white tee for each day, though […]

30 ways to a happier life

Picked up from Sean's blog, who picked it up from Shane Nickerson's blog. Things I've done/am doing/do want/can has are in bold. 1. Learn early on to enjoy warm soda.  Trust me, it comes in handy.  While you're at it, learn to drink black coffee.2. Let go of your need to make all the choices […]

Jesus And Mary Chain – Almost Gold

For your viewing pleasure. Just because. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Almost Gold Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ provanol 10mg pills $209.00 | lipitor 20mg pills $121.00 | cleocin 300mg pills $165.00 | amoxicillin 500mg pills $207.00 | fluoxetine 40mg pills 270 $357.00 | prozac 40mg pills $83.00 | […]

A Call For The Kugel

The hostess of the 4th of July pool party I'm attending today made a special request for some Kugel. For the uninitiated, that's a sweet or savory noodle pudding made by delis and Jewish grandmothers everywhere. When I used to work at Miller's Deli, we made awesome Kugel. So creamy and sweet that you could […]

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