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Monthly Archives: June 2007

QotD: My Movie Cliché Moment

What movie cliché would you most like to live out in real life?  Submitted by Wes.   I was originally going to point to just the part where he walks through the busy NYC streets in the opening montage, but what the heck, the whole darn thing: Yes. Read and post comments | Send to a […]

RIP Rod Beck

Rod Beck Former Red Sox reliever Rod Beck passed away today at the age of 38. He was one of my very favorite baseball characters. Before each pitch he'd swing his arm back and forth like a gorilla. I saw him at Fenway a few times, and tried and tried to find a classic blue […]

QotD: The Never-Ending Boat Ride

What's the longest boat ride you've ever been on? The Scotia Prince ferry from Portland, ME to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. As a kid, it was thrilling to go to sleep with a  view out to the open seas, and wake up in another country. And then also I'd never been on a car ferry before. […]

QotD: DJ Me

What is (or would be) your DJ name? "MC am I people call me MilkWhen I'm bustin up a party I feel no guilt" Or DJ Extraface, of course. This is a truly vexing question, and I will add more later. It's one of my favorite things to think about. Read and post comments | […]

QotD: Tune In, Turn On

How many TVs do you have in your house? One real, two imagined. I've come very very close to upgrading my main and only television to something with heightened definition and of a larger size, north of 40". I've even brought one home and got it as far as my living room before I decided […]

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