My Own QoTD

Question: Name one big or small thing you've recently done that you're proud of, and name one thing that you'd like to change about yourself but are having trouble making happen.

I reduced my inbox emails down to 12(+), and I'd like to eliminate use of the snooze button in the morning and wake up with an attitude suitable for asskicking, but am having trouble making that happen(-).

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Add it to the pile

Last year I came across an excellent list of blog entries where people apologize for not writing more. Here I am "with hats in hand, bended knees" as little carmine said on the Sopranos episode tonight, being that guy. I had intended to drop some words here earlier, but then I got caught up in an afternoon's worth of adventure, trying to get the dented rear wheel off of my Vespa and replace it with another. I have a very nonstandard exhaust and that's getting in the way of getting the wheel off. It's starting to feel like it might be worth it to drop it off at the shop and have them do it. They can put it on one of those raisable platforms and get at it from there. Me and Andy, a friend from the neighborhood and scooter shop person, made do with a milk crate and various objects designed to keep things on the level while we took the rear shock off. That much worked, but it proved too difficult to get at the bolt we need to get to in order to get the exhaust off and then the wheel.

I think Twitter is stealing my Vox mojo. But I want it back. I want to be able to do both consistently. Gonna see what I can do about that. Any suggestions?

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Flickr Is Not Comics, But It Is Something

I just finished reading Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud. It instructed, inspired, fired, and delighted me. It's a singular work of clear and penetrating explanation, but you probably already knew that. I'm like the television neophyte discovering Seinfeld for the first time in 2006.

Why me and this book didn't meet sooner is beyond me. I hadn't even heard of it until Gregg and Tom mentioned it in separate conversations over the last couple of years. I've got half a mind to suspect some future version of myself traveled back in time and played this cruel joke on me.

McCloud goes to lengths to point out that single-panel somethings are not comics by his definition. They may be cartoons, but they aren't comics because they aren't sequential. In fact, single-panel jobbies are one of the only sequential art/words/things that McCloud's definition excludes. But especially as relates to the internets, single-panel illustrations with text are a very popular mode of expression in these troubled times. Think of lolcats. Think of YTMND. Just as comics were once thought of as kid's stuff and not the province of art(and still are if you're a dullard who also hasn't read the book), I wonder if the individual(or looped, in the case of YTMND) panel is getting the same undeserved short-shrift. Between image search engines, meme-creation tools, and sites that encourage captioning and notes within photos, you have ready tools for illustration-tards who nevertheless have something to say. There should be a term or a genre for what people do with the minimal tools of Flickr to communicate, entertain, and enlighten.

Please note: If McCloud has taken on this concept in later books like perhaps Reinventing Comics, kindly shove my nose in it and I'll be duly motivated to go read that next.

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