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Monthly Archives: May 2007

QotD: If I Never Hear That Again…

What is the one saying that your parents said to you that you absolutely hate?  Submitted by victoriassecret. "Party On." is one. And there's "I'm going to cork off" used to mean go to sleep or take a nap. Huh? Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ glucophage 1000mg pills $205.00 | […]

Thank you oblique strategies

You are helping. Today you gently reminded me that I need to get back into a daily meditation practice. Yesterday you gave me the courage to draw attention to flaws that need to be fixed. I think I will keep using you. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ cardura 4mg pills […]

My Own QoTD

Question: Name one big or small thing you've recently done that you're proud of, and name one thing that you'd like to change about yourself but are having trouble making happen. Answer: I reduced my inbox emails down to 12(+), and I'd like to eliminate use of the snooze button in the morning and wake […]

Oh, and p.s.

I ended up returning the lamp today. Thank you to vox and dearinter.net bffs and strangers for weighing in. In the end, it just didn't grab me enough to keep, so back it went. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ provanol 20mg pills $182.00 | herbolax 10 strip box $281.00 | […]

Add it to the pile

Last year I came across an excellent list of blog entries where people apologize for not writing more. Here I am "with hats in hand, bended knees" as little carmine said on the Sopranos episode tonight, being that guy. I had intended to drop some words here earlier, but then I got caught up in […]

QotD: Take Me Away…

Where do you go to get away from it all?  Submitted by Hops.   Kokomo. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ zyrtec┬« 10mg pills (brand) $123.00 | zyprexa 15mg pills $244.00 | tricor 200mg pills $125.00 | abilify 20mg pills $102.00 | professional levitra 20mg pills $127.00 | viagra 130mg pills $319.00 […]

Flickr Is Not Comics, But It Is Something

I just finished reading Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud. It instructed, inspired, fired, and delighted me. It's a singular work of clear and penetrating explanation, but you probably already knew that. I'm like the television neophyte discovering Seinfeld for the first time in 2006. Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art Why me and this book didn't […]

Today is…

quiet laundry putting papers and files where they belong easy dumbing beer festing and/(next week) or cinco de mayoing kitchen closed for restocking making mail gym there's always super paper mario Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ cheapest generic viagra | clonidine 0.15mg pills $828.00 | zocor 20mg pills $140.00 | […]

My Neighborhood Is Sleeping.

Is this how it ends? Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ ed trial packs professional viagra 100mg + professional cialis 20mg pills $119.00 | aristocort 4mg pills $184.00 | clomipramine 10mg pills $173.00 | vrikshamla 60 capsule bottle $348.00 | nootropil 800mg pills $298.00 | seroflo 120 metered doses of 25mcg/250mcg […]

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