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Monthly Archives: December 2006

QotD: Just Can't Get Enough

What is one of your addictions?Submitted by Paperheart. Currently, Contact on the Nintendo DS Lite. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ adhd strattera 10mg pills $164.00 | glucophage 500mg pills $117.00 | retrovir 100mg pills $96.00 | coreg 6.25mg pills $181.00 | neem 60 tablet bottle $137.00 | zocor 10mg pills […]

Vox Hunt: Animated

Video: Show us some great animation. Sassafras.More in the errata section of giantheads.Edit – One more, not from giantheads but also great: The Chopper Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ cialis 20mg pills (brand) $33.00 | tetracycline 500mg pills $176.00 | long term effects of viagra | viagra 130mg pills $239.00 […]

All my vapid friends are comin over tonight

I wonder how many Kennedy Center Honors viewing parties are taking place at this very moment. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ chloroquine 200mg pills $171.00 | accutane 30mg pills $197.00 | zithromax 100mg pills $85.00 | adhd atomoxetine 25mg pills $220.00 | can i get viagra in mexico | lopid […]

QotD: It's Better To Give

What's the best present you gave this year? Handmade Jacket Toofis was the big winner. Read and post comments | Send to a friend [ plendil 10mg pills $183.00 | levitra soft 20mg pills $131.00 | ed trial packs cialis 20mg + priligy dapoxetine 60mg pills $439.00 | zyloprim 300mg pills $81.00 | cephalexin 125mg […]

43 Showers: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, TN

43 Showers: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, TN Classic design, easy to operate and clearly marked. I usually don't make editorial comments about the overall hotel stay (this is about the shower controls, and the shower controls only) but I have to add that this was an excellent hotel experience. Highly recommended, especially if you are […]

QotD: One Lump or Two?

How do you take your tea or coffee?Submitted by Vasquez. Coffee: Black, unless I'm somewhere that serves bad coffee, in which case I have it construction worker style, cream and sugar. Tea: Depends on the type. Standard English Breakfast or a good Earl Grey I'll take with milk and sugar. Infusions I'll have undoctored, with […]

QotD: I'd Like To Thank…

Congrats – TIME Magazine voted you "Person of the Year"!  What's your acceptance speech? [this is bad] Ick. Dear sirs: keep the topical and snarky questions out of QoTD. It's not Vox's strong suit. This ain't Techmeme. Stick with introspection and the personal side of things. Read and post comments | Send to a friend […]

Year-end Lists I'd Like To See

In the tradition of Mad Magazine and 5ives.com, here are three year-end lists that would please me — sort of a 3ves: Top breakfast cereal prizes of 2006 10 most influential non-verbal utterances by a television personality 15 most shameless references to MySpace and YouTube in a wholly unrelated PowerPoint presentation Read and post comments […]

Sufjan Sellin Out — In The Good Way

This:  Songs for Christmas Sufjan Stevens ..has apparently sold out 4x over at my local rock and roll shoppe. Last I checked, Amazon was out of stock. Insound.com was out of stock. Sufjan's label seems to have plenty and I ordered a copy for my folks. Read and post comments | Send to a friend […]

Will you be the one, GTDTracks.com?

I get a nerdy fiendish rush from trying a new GTD application, especially when I've been off the wagon (off is when you're *doing* the bad thing again, right?) for some time. It's like I'm tucking my cute little next actions into their beds and turning out the light knowing they'll slumber well. Will this […]

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