Some areas taken up by crafting supplies and other miscellany

I'm gonna have to ask you to go ahead and peep these two annotated Flickr photos to see a few of the junk caches I'm trying to contend with. The photos are labelled as friends/family only over on Flickr. I don't know if I've got you all in there, so if you're not and would […]

QotD: My Weekend Plans

What are your weekend plans? Recovering from a few weeks of intermittent travel, and preparing for an eighties party tonight. Planning my wardrobe for that as we speak. Oh, I'll also watch the Raiders perform this weird, awkward ritual that loosely resembles our current sport of "Football". Read and post comments | Send to a […]

QotD: An Unforgettable Home

What's the most memorable building you've lived in?Submitted by Shelly. The house I grew up in was a beautiful 1890's Victorian. As a kid, my favorite feature was that it had a secret safe built in to the staircase — if you looked hard enough you could see a hinge in the wood paneling. Find […]

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