QotD: Ghost Story

Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever seen a ghost?  Submitted by Nancy. On the first question – no comment. On the second, when we used to play Ouija board when I was in 3rd grade, we "apparently" "contacted" a "spirit" named STU-7 who claimed to be a World War II pilot who had […]

Just As I Suspected — Being A Billionaire Really Is Awesome

From an interview with Richard Branson in Wine Spectator*: "I was in California promoting Virgin Atlantic's inaugural flight to San Francisco and we took all out guests up to Napa, where the Sonoma County Wine Patrol "kidnapped" me. Two guys in a helicopter with fake submachine guns forced our bus down a dirt road and […]

The Track 8 Theory

A friend of mine once advanced the theory that musicians tend to put their best songs as Track 8 of the CD. Or stated differently, Track 8's tend to be awesome. Anyone care to agree or disagree? I'm thinking I should start a project to list out some really good track 8's. Please don't run […]

QotD: What I Love About Vox

In honor of Vox's launch tomorrow, what's your favorite feature or aspect of Vox? Oh Vox, you're so needy sometimes. YES, I like you. YES, I'm faithful to you and tell all my friends about our great times together. We've been through some rough patches and we've both changed over the couple months we've been […]

QotD: Weekend Plans

What are your plans for the weekend? Homeownin' takes center stage this weekend as I try to decide what to do about a plaster wall that's giving up the ghost. What got me to where I am now with it? First I noticed some moisture issues on that and an adjacent wall. There are some […]

She's real fine my 409

End of the tea King's 409 Dark 1st Grade [this is good] This is going to sound like a J. Peterman story, but the friend who introduced me to this tea was a monk from Thailand named Tan Suvit. He was one of my very best friends when I did a year's study abroad in […]

QotD: This Week's Top 25

What are your top 25 most played songs?  Submitted by Cooxie.   This is what iTunes currently has to say about the matter. I think it's lying about all the Shins songs. I've misplaced my iPod so this is just what I listen to on my computer. Car listening also excluded: What Ever Happend to You?    […]

hobby assessment part 2: how about a roll call

Before I break down another interest like I did the crafting one, I'm running down the list. I'll add to this as they occur to me later: crafting (check) reading (yeah, it counts, and yeah, the shapes do still make pictures in my head sometimes) amateur entrepreneurship/product development/world domination planning cooking/baking sitting around vintage scooter […]

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