QotD: Best. Villain. Ever.

Who's your favorite movie villain? The Emperor from the Star Wars movies. The man truly loved his work. I could expand on that answer but I'm saving the rest for a business book with that as the central theme. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Did we use "go ahead and…" as much before Office Space?

Usually when a movie makes fun of a particular turn of phrase, you expect non-self-aware, non-jokey usage of that phrase to go down while jokey, deliberate usage rises. But in my completely unscientific survey of business conversations conducted by me in the years since I first saw Office Space, I'm pretty sure our collective use […]

QotD: I'm reading (or about to read)…

What books are on your nightstand? American Pastoral, Philip Roth – Just finished it, so its nightstand days are numbered. A green, half-completed Sudoku book. Couple of old LRB's and The Believer's. The NFT (Not For Tourists) Guide To Atlanta Infinite Jest, D.F. Wallace – Lots of dust, but just a barely noticeable dent in […]

Healthy Boy Brand Has A Posse.

Look for the picture of the baby on the label, they said. This is the best, they said. It's the invincible sauce. The Invincible Sauce They were right. I'd had sweet chilli sauce on fried chicken before, but da'a'a'amn. Frankly, if there's a way to defeat it, I'm not seeing it. I know the purists […]

A Cautionary Tale Regarding Over-vigorous Bed Making

After reading an article favorited by Gregg about how to keep a cleaner house, I decided to turn over a new leaf and make my bed every morning starting this past Monday. Monday and Tuesday's bedmaking went off without a hitch. No hospital corners as of yet, just a bed made well enough to lend […]

My Favorite Rappers Are Older Than I Thought.

Look at this birthday list from OhWord.com: Jay-Z – Dec 4 1969 (frontin ass 60's baby) Marley Marl – Sep 30 1962Rza Jul 5, 1969Gza August 22, 1966LL cool J Jan 14, 1968Kool G Rap Jul 20, 1968Big Daddy Kane Sep 10, 1968Rakim Jan 28, 1968DMC – May 31, 1964Run – 60's babyPrince Paul – […]

QotD: Teacher's Pet

What was (or is) your favorite subject in school? I love(d) studying dead languages. I really got in to Sanskrit. There are great teachers, great learning materials, and teaching methods that have been time-tested for hundreds of years. In other subjects I always hated memorization. But when I started studying forms and declension tables I […]

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